Welcome to Cloverdale Wagyu

We are happy to announce that after testing our newborn calves this year we have added to our herd, another AA10 female calf.
This gives us a total now of 2 AA10 females.

We also have several full blood Wagyu males and females that are AA5 or better.It just doesn’t get any better than that.

We always wait until our steers are at least 30 months of age at harvest, meaning that their marbling will be exquisite.
95% of all full blood Wagyu are graded at prime or above prime.

We are located in the small town of Childersburg, Alabama just outside Birmingham. We also have an office in Raleigh, North Carolina which allows us to service and deliver quality prime beef to you.

Our 100% full blood Wagyu enjoy days in lush, picturesque pastures. They live a very stress free lifestyle.

At Cloverdale Wagyu LLC, our focus is to develop the very best Wagyu possible, which naturally results in the best beef possible. 95% of full blood Wagyu grades at prime or above prime. The USDA scale cannot be used to account for the unique marbling. It simply does not go high enough. The Japanese grading scale has to be utilized. Full blood Wagyu beef has been compared to culinary palette pleasers such as caviar, truffles and Iberico hams. Besides being the very best beef available, Wagyu is also the healthiest. It contains more monounsaturated fats than any other breed. The fats in Wagyu are more like the fats found in wild Salmon or olive oils. Please see our Why Wagyu tab for more specific information. We are able to accomplish our goals of raising the very best 100% full blood Wagyu by paying great attention to detail in 5 key areas:

  • Full Blood Genetics

    Only full blood genetics provides the most superior results in beef quality. All of our Wagyu are 100% full blood, which are registered with the American Wagyu Association and DNA verified back to the original Japanese Wagyu bloodlines. Customers who want to experience the unmatched tenderness and intense flavor of Wagyu beef must be savvy to recognize that “American Kobe” or “American Wagyu” or “Purebred” does not ensure full blood. We provide only registered, 100% full blood Wagyu.

  • Herd Health

    Our Wagyu are provided a diet of native grasses on our farm as well as a preservative free grain program that allows for maximum marbling, tenderness and flavor. We are very patient with our feeding programs, allowing our Wagyu to gain weight slowly and steadily. Maximum marbling usually takes approximately 30 months in Wagyu so we allow each animal to grow at a pace where marbling and tenderness will be optimized at that age. Our Wagyu are routinely vet checked and provided only basic vaccines and/or medications that are normal to all cattle. If any of our Wagyu ever requires antibiotics or any other non-routine medications they are culled from our herd immediately. Any ration containing growth hormones is not or never will be a part of our nutrition program.

  • Pasture Management

    In central Alabama we are very fortunate to be able to provide high protein grasses. Orchard grass, both white and red clover and bermuda grasses are abundant. We provide annual soil samples to Virginia Tech University to ensure that are pastures are able to provide the best vegetation.

  • Quality Control

    Attention to detail and review of systems in place is key to providing feedback on our operation. We rely on several outside resources for review and input into our operation on a regular basis, including veterinarians who specialize in cattle health, embryologists who aid us in superior genetic transfer as well as regular consultation with other Wagyu breeders.

  • Gleaning Additional Wisdom

    We are an operation with a goal to constantly obtain new knowledge regarding all aspects of our operation and our very special breed, Wagyu. We are thankful to Dale Moore of Virginia Wagyu, Bob Estrin of Lone Mountain Cattle Company in New Mexico and countless others who have freely shared their wisdom which has allowed us to have a chance to be the best 100% full blood Wagyu breeders. We are constantly trying to learn and achieve a very high level of success with our program.

We are determined to provide the very best beef possible to consumers as well as offer seed stock to cattle ranchers in the way of bulls, heifers and cows that possess superior genetics. The American consumer deserves prime beef every time and we are doing our part to make that happen as quickly as possible.